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Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 17:42:29 BST

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    > Hi Mark,
    > In your study, may I recommend "Total Freedom", one of those (for me) books
    > that has DQ. I especially recommend the first bit, Krishnamurti's speech to
    > a convention of "The Order of the Star" (Theosophist) where he renounces his
    > avatar status, dissolves the Order, and declares "Truth is a pathless land."
    > Absolutely stellar stuff. No guru, no dogma, no spiritual authority, no
    > path. It's one of those Wow! books (for me).
    > Best wishes to you and all MOQ'ers
    > James Marshall

    Hi James,
    Many thanks for your recommendation James, i very much appreciate you taking
    the time to help me along my journey. :)

    Did you know Krishnamurti is one of Pirsig's favourites?
    I have Freedom from the known, The awakening of intelligence, The second
    Penguin Krishnamurti reader, by Krishnamurti, and The ending of time with David
    It was reading Bohm's, Wholeness and the implicate order that directed me
    towards, Freedom from the known, and from then on i was hooked.

    May i ask a question? I have been wondering how you use your views in the
    field of education? It cannot have been plain sailing over the years?

    All the best,

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