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From: Richard Loggins (
Date: Sat Oct 04 2003 - 16:17:19 BST

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    David Morey,
    I was differentiating between Dynamic Quality which is the pure experience and static quality, the lowercase, adulterated, after-the-fact kind of Quality. The idea of the human form being static quality is not nearly as offensive as it being matter, but we should not be so blinded to think that the MOQ is any more or less holistic than scientific materialism. There are really only 2 philosophies, materialism and idealism, dressed up in many different variations, and it is impossible to fall outside either of their traps. The sooner you realize this the faster you will grow up.
    David MOREY <> wrote:
    Hi Rich
    I do not like this, and a lot of people here seem to like it.
    What you seem to be saying is that there is this concept
    called quality, that is experienced by human beings but is
    impossible to define. I buy this much. Heidegger calls it Being,
    or later on Being under erasure. But then there seems to be a gang
    of you that says there is human being or thinking or whatever
    that is different from Quality. This is a trap. Heidegger tries not to fall
    into this trap, so does Pirsig, but a few people at this site seem to
    be embracing it. Quality is a holistic concept. You cannot say quality here,
    man there, or quality there, thinking here. Quality is never absent. Therefore
    what it is to think or be human involves quality. This is what Pirsig to break away
    from, the atomism and fragmentation of SOM, and we do not want to let it back in again.
    Quality helps us to put together a conception of what it is to be human, we can suppose
    that it has been around prior to human beings, but we cannot imagine a human being
    or thinking (& to Platt I say both SQ and DQ) without quality. I grant that it is hard to
    talk holistically rather than dualistically but can we please attempt try to quastion
    fragmentary notions on this site? Some people see to be associating being human with
    the borders of the body, in quality experience rather than a SOM reduced experience
    where could you possibly start drawing lines between the self and the experience?
    David Morey
    David Morey
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    Hi Sam,
    The common sense answer is that an intellectual person does the skillful manipulation, and the MOQ goes along with that. But the MOQ goes further and recognizes it is from Quality that we get our skill and our humanness, and that what the MOQ stresses above all is that the skillful manipulation of abstract symbols - the satisfaction if brings - is the pure experience and Quality which comes before the symbols, before ourselves, and before anything else we can name.

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