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From: Paul Turner (
Date: Sun Oct 05 2003 - 22:19:03 BST

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    David, Scott

    [Paul prev:]
    I disagree that Neo-Platonism would fit in well with the MOQ. In the MOQ
    framework, static intellectual quality is subordinate to Dynamic
    Quality. ...A divine intellect would contain the "divine truth" that
    inferior human intellects may aspire to, would it not?

    [dmb says:]
    I'd argue that neo-Platonism fits with the MOQ to the extent that they
    both grappling with the mystical.

    Scott - It has been a long time since I read Plotinus so my assumption
    about "Divine Intellect" being the equivalent of Platonic Forms may be
    off the mark. If so, please disregard that statement above and put me

    By the way, I'm reading Julian Jaynes "Origin of Consciousness" at the
    moment and it has something to say about Neo-Platonists regarding
    invoking "voices from the gods", particularly Iamblichus. Given your
    interest in "consciousness" I wondered if you had read anything by



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