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Date: Fri Oct 10 2003 - 20:29:01 BST

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    Hi Mark and other consensusalists,

    (I urge you to reflect
    > upon recent
    > posts by Wim, Dan, Paul, Platt, RMP, myself....) Insisting only a
    > select few
    > intellectual chiefs share a perch upon a lofty plato with you will not
    > change a
    > thing.

    I've read some part of the discussions of these people, but maybe it's
    interesting for you and the people you mentioned to summarize or merely
    state the points of agreements on where the MoQ is heading. If there's
    truly a consensus, this should be possible.

    Greetings, Patrick.

    Hi Patrick,
    As far as i can tell, you will only have to read the works of Robert Pirsig
    to find indicated numerous points upon which all of the above agree until
    further developments occur. I think the essays by Anthony McWatt are superb also.
    More recently, Paul has given an excellent account of the MoQ in all his posts
    over the last 6 months or so; with all concerned, and to their general
    approval. I believe Paul has impressed everyone with his clarity, precision, gentle
    wit and courteous demeanour. (I know i have learned to try and knock on the
    head some basic mistakes i keep making!)
    And this is not for want of argument! One of the excellent aspects of Bo's
    misunderstanding has been to reinforce the understanding of the MoQ for us all -
    having his ideas placed in their correct perspective is an education unto

    Am i dodging your question? I sincerely do not wish to, but you see, in the
    last decade since the publication of Lila i have only moved steadily away from
    old ideas and towards the MoQ. I do not know how to jump 10 years of
    assimilation in one e-mail?
    If i point you towards The edge of chaos i do so out of a sincere wish to
    help in what ever way i can. It is in everyday life that i find the MoQ most
    helpful, and i hope others will share their experiences also?

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