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From: Wim Nusselder (
Date: Fri Oct 10 2003 - 22:39:23 BST

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    Dear David M.,

    You write 10 Oct 2003 20:51:17 +0100:
    'I would suggest that the creation of matter (stuff you can kick) has been
    brought about initially by a sacrifice of freedom/quality. It is only after
    achieveing matter that the cosmos heads back to DQ.'

    Seems a good suggestion to me. (Better than associating DQ with time and sq
    with space. That's just an attempt to combine to different and incompatible
    'first cuts of reality/experience' for me.)

    Although ...

    In the beginning there was nothing. (Well, that's what we assume,
    because -logically- everything has to start somewhere, hasn't it??) Anything
    that appears out of nothing is -logically- a huge change to the better, 100%
    DQ, pure freedom. But..., there IS nothing yet that's free and there is
    nothing yet to be free from. A 100% DQ, 0% sq situation is meaningless. DQ
    and sq require each other. No Quality, no experience, no reality without
    BOTH DQ AND sq.

    With friendly greetings,


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