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Date: Sun Oct 12 2003 - 21:37:34 BST

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    > Hi Mark
    > I agree, clearly there is a form of social intelligence before
    > we reach the more abstract and individualistic intellectual-symbolic level.
    > But hey, rituals have to contain symbols as well, that's why the chicken
    > gets it instead of me in the sacrifice.
    > regards
    > David M

    Hi David,
    I do not use the term social intelligence, i prefer to follow the MoQ and
    assert that intellectual patterns served social and biological patterns at that
    stage of human evolution we currently find ourselves discussing. (Prehistory.)
    Prehistoric intellectual patterns in ritual and language - both verbal and
    non-verbal - i assume were very weak, and did not contribute to what later
    became clearly intellectual societies. Having said that, we do not see too many
    Conga apes drawing and manipulating symbols, writing bibles and building pyramids
    at any were near human prehistoric level of sophistication! ;)

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