Re: MD Begging the Question, Moral Intuitions, and Answering the Nazi, Part III

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Fri Oct 17 2003 - 15:40:41 BST

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    Hi Patrick,

    > Matt and Platt wrote:
    > > > The force is our intuition of Dynamic Quality, a capacity
    > > that
    > > > every person has, that every person has a moral obligation to
    > > follow.
    > > > If the Nazi denies it, then we should feel righteous in saying that
    > > he
    > > > is subordinating Dynamic Quality to immoral static patterns. The
    > > Nazi
    > > > is immoral because he denies Dynamic Quality.
    > >
    > > The Nazi is immoral because he is anti-intellectual. You are really
    > > stretching to make an argument.
    > I agree with Matt here.
    > Intellectuality recently defined as the capability and usage of
    > abstract- from the given perceptual 'now' detached- thought is something
    > the nazi's were very good at. They were overly rationalistic in their
    > way of eliminating jews. Very rationally they thought up of an efficient
    > way to do this, via the gaschambers. This invention reflects calm,
    > abstract thought aimed at a certain objective. The jews and other
    > victims were abstractized as being a minor or bad product of natural
    > evolution, and therefore they rationally justified their elimination.

    I agree Nazis were intelligent, but not intellectual. They burned books
    for one thing. But, more importantly, the killed people who
    intellectually disagreed with them, placing them in the moral category
    of animals--intelligent, crafty animals, like the brigands of old, but
    animals nevertheless. As I just posted to Matt, Pirsig makes no bones
    about how we should deal with such anti-intellectual barbarians.


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