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From: David MOREY (
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 20:58:31 BST

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    Good stuff, that how I see DQ.
    Always this struggle between SQ stuff in the bag
    and the DQ risk of something better.
    Wish I could get the balance better in my life.

    David M

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    > Hi Mark,
    > > Intuition seems pretty close to where DQ is at work, and this is an
    > > experience we may choose to reflect upon in everyday life?
    > > Problem solving? There, it just sprang into my head. Problem solving.
    > > We may
    > > choose our goals but rational enquiry must be directed towards them
    > > and not
    > > choose them - that choice is based upon Quality?
    > > Mark
    > >
    > Quality as the sum of static and dynamic qualities, of course. Dynamical
    > quality must be leading, and forms perhaps a large part of the Quality
    > Act (so to say) in the making of a choice. E.g. deciding a new project
    > for your work, a subject for a next paper to write, or which job you
    > want to apply for. Once you have distilled a good static quality
    > foundation to build upon, you're tempted to stick to this original
    > static quality when you're working it out. Too much DQ in this process
    > of 'working out' might undo or deconstruct your project. On the other
    > hand there is the danger that you create an Ivory tower and shield
    > effectively all dynamic quality out of it.
    > Very much abstract talk... Maybe that's what Rorty doesn't find
    > interesting or even worthwile in philosophy anymore, philosophy as the
    > process of a continual refreshion of old abstract conceptions only to
    > see these same conceptions anew again and again. Anyhow this abstract
    > thinking might be worthwile after all, to me, if the fruit of DQ has
    > brought forward a Good static quality, if after and before that more
    > pragmatic action is being pursued. Balance (between thinking and action,
    > between relativism and absolutism) is what it's all about. (Note to
    > Rorty-defenders and Rorty-attackers here, I'm just talking out loud in
    > my own way and do not pretend to represent in any way what Rorty stands
    > or does not stand for).
    > Greetings, Patrick.
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