Re: MD What makes an idea dangerous?

Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 14:09:39 BST

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    Hi Bo,

    You said: "I'll start by "admonishing" Andy whose outburst against David
    Buchanan was most uncalled for and I hope DMB will return. He is
    not, but has the right to be a little "pompous" after his long job (a
    Sisyphus one against Rorty:) of keeping the standard of this
    discussion high and of keeping its focus on the MOQ! That he
    releases his posts in the weekends shows that he has a job to attend
    to and/or spend time writing them, something that should be heeded
    by us all. I like your posts too Andy, but think you owe DMB an

    Andy: I've been kind of wiating to be admonished. I thought it would come sooner and with a penalty, for I certainly broke a few rules. In so many ways the outburst was inexcusable so I won't try and defend it, other than to say I think DMB's attitude towards Matt is, at times, unexcuseable. But two wrongs don't make a right, right? I don't think you have to worry about DMB returning and I am quite certain I am less than 24 hours from a much less unrestrained admonishment. But, for what it is worth, I apologize.


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