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Date: Tue Oct 28 2003 - 18:34:24 GMT

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    Hi Platt,

    I appreciate the wisdom that Will and Postrel write of, and like their
    choice of words ("Shows rather than tells" is very nicely put) But, to your
    point about MoQ inroads, do you really think they had to read Lila to be
    able to describe this? People have known for a long long time that
    restaraunts can charge more if they give you a nice dining experience, or,
    if they charge more, they had better give you a nice dining experience. If
    there is a "new" phenomenon involved with Starbucks, it's more a function of
    people being richer and needing to sit in a coffee shop to look cool, rather
    than grab a donut. There is a definite "herd mentality" that makes
    Starbucks popular, with everyone driving up in their Jettas and pulling out
    their iBooks, or at least wishing they did. I for one don't really think
    their aethestics are so great, but I can't argue with a comfy couch and some
    good music instead of Dunkin Donuts's pink chairs and muzak. But Dunkin
    Donuts are at least franchises and get some immigrant family semi-rich,
    instead of a corporation employing wage slaves. If there is an independent
    coffee shop around with petulant hippies working there, that's my
    destination. Sorry to be cynical about Starbucks being an example of the
    MoQ at work, I just don't like em...


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