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    > From: "Ian Glendinning" <>
    > Date: 2003/10/26 Sun PM 12:27:08 GMT
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    > Subject: RE: MD Re: NEW PIRSIG WEBSITE
    > Anthony,
    > I've now read most of your book on-line.
    > I like it. Excellent.
    > Any success with a publisher ? Can one buy a hard-copy ?
    > Ian Glendinning


    Thanks! I was glad to hear from you in regard to the on-line textbook as your philosophical interests are obviously pretty similar to mine. I do intend to contact a publisher to see if there is any possibility of producing a hard copy version though itís just finding the time to get round to this with finishing the PhD.

    In the last few days, Iíve also been correcting and revising the website with a new text-only version of the book that has taken me far longer to complete (with being new to HTML) than I first envisaged.

    > the MBA, got the tee-shirt - There's a lot written in reaction to objective
    > Qualispeak in healthcare and education - and the railways soon too I guess
    > in the UK); Misleading Modularity too - a particular day job theme of mine
    > in information modelling.

    Philip Taggís black book website (linked on my site) is especially good for this though I would certainly be interested in knowing any further Qualispeak healthcare and education websites/books. Any further information on modularity would also be appreciated.

    > I think you hit Pirsig's main theme on the head - Dynamic Quality, and link
    > this to his own interest in Anthropology. Also the etymology upfront in
    > "Rta" something Pirsig get's really close to at the end of Lila. You've
    > maybe heard me say before "It's all evolutionary psychology after all".

    Both the anthropology and rta angles were natural starting points in understanding the background of the MOQ. Once I understood why Pirsig featured these in LILA everything else seemed to evolve from there. The "evolutionary psychology" in Pirsig struck me while reading Scott-Peck. I'm sure Doug Renselle at www.quantonics and other members of the Lila Squad have mentioned this link previously.

    Anyway, thanks again for your encouragement,


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