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Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 02:46:09 GMT

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    I don’t think you are alone with the overwhelming and frustrated
    feeling. First take the pressure off. People who are not formally
    philosophical, still are philosophical in the spirit and pragmatism and
    relevance. The problem is that their problems don’t, in their minds,
    relate back to philosophical premise. Yet just about all we know about
    life is about defining reality. ZMM was able to show us the
    distortions SOM in defining so much of what we have called reality. As
    to your friends, I have taken the approach to wait when they ask a
    philosophical related question. Then I ask, “Hummm, why do you think
    that is a tough question?” Then I start stringing them along till they a
    have bunch of questions with no answers. Then there will be an
    opportunity to have a real philosophical discussion. Do all people need
    philosophy? About as much as they need to all know about auto
    mechanics. This reminds me I need to take my truck in. Otherwise
    patience is a virtue when it comes to philosophy and sharing.

    For what it is worth.

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    Mr. B,
        What I am trying to ask is why people need philosophy? You need it
    to find..."something". I "want" it to find the answers. I guess what I
    was trying to ask was how does me studying philosophy affect those that
    do not? If, for example, my friends are not interested in philosophy
    then why should I care about them not being interested?
        The more I read ZMM the more I find myself in my own world. It's as
    if things become centered around my mind, like nothing else...exists! Is
    this wrong? It's just so overwhelming. Where am I going wrong?

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