RE: MD SOLAQI as a gift of understanding

From: Matt poot (
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 17:38:12 GMT

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    lst night, my friend (who is at the part in ZAMM where you meet the
    DeWeeses) and I, were discussing what a person would experience if they were
    lacking all 5 senses, and lived . I thought that perhaps this person would
    be super-genius, but not in any manner concieveable to us. Its just an
    idea, but I thought that this person, lacking all 5 senses, would really
    exist only in mind. Their mind could be so powerful, as to create a
    universe of their own, inside there head. Whether they experience this as
    the creator of it, or as a part in it, or what....I dont know. Perhaps they
    would experience a life of pure Quality (if there is pure quality?)?

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