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Date: Tue Feb 03 2004 - 04:15:40 GMT

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    Hello David,


    This was a very interesting transcript. It certainly makes sense. This
    'theory' explains things much better than saying pattern. Even though
    patterns exist within it, they are not quite the same as patterns on their
    own. They are much more affected by they're relation to other patterns
    around them. The word "Pattern" to me, implys something static. I would
    prefer using the concept of dynamic pattern as opposed to plain 'pattern'

      I do have some questions in relation to this transcript..

    MISHLOVE - In other words, there is now a morphic resonance or morphic field
    for bicycle making and bicycle riding, and it must embrace the whole planet
    in a way that didn't exist at one time.

    -=*POOT*=- supposing that the invention of certain things (either S/O), can
    be used or manipulated, to influence ideas upon great masses of people? To
    effectively change their mental habits, instead of physical habits like
    bicycle riding.

    SHELDRAKE..... But nevertheless, the rest of nature was seen as completely
    inanimate, devoid of psyche or mind. Whereas what I would say is that we
    have much more in common with the rest of nature, because the rest of nature
    is alive, as we are.

    =*POOT*=-I think this is a very important part of the 'current' mythos ,
    this superiority complex, almost socially habitual in humans at this point.
    It gives us a lack of understanding or awareness of our
    environment(earth[even universe] as a whole).

    What do you think about that?

    Matt Poot

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