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Date: Wed Feb 11 2004 - 05:53:40 GMT

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    What was said:

    --:If Mozart were alive today, what kind of music do you think he'd be
    making? I doubt he'd be composing in the classical style.

    -Platt: Disagree. Great art transcends societies.

    -=*POOT*=- Your answer seems muddled Platt. You seem to be saying that if
    Mozart were alive today, he would be composing his musics, in the manner in
    which he composed them hundreds of years in the past. If he lived today,
    how could he possibly write in that style? This is why no one writes like
    mozart today. Todays world is not the same as his, and thus his music,
    which is a reflection upon his world, would not be the same. He would not
    be trying to express the same emotions that were dominant in his life then,
    because his life would be totally different now(and this is all assuming he
    would even choose to write music!).

    Platt: Madonna's influence was sexual and thus anti-social.

    -=*POOT*=- Could you explain to me how sex is anti-social? It is the
    _attitude_ in which people regard sex which is social or anti-social.

    Platt: There has never been, nor possibly ever be, a more profound depiction
    of animals
    than on the caves of Lascaux.

    -=*POOT*=- Saying something like this, is just ridiculously subjective.

    Platt: Disagree. Beauty transcends contexts. Art critic Clement Greenberg
    had it
    right when he wrote: "Esthetic enjoyments are immediate, intuitive,
    undeliberate and involuntary and leave no room for conscious application
    of standards, criteria, rules or precepts."

    -=*POOT*=- Perhaps esthetic enjoyments are immediate and intuitive, etc,
    etc. How ever, you are not taking into account that modern art has changed
    form drastically from previous eras. Now, we are not just listening to(for)
    musical excellence, but also lyrical excellence. Lyrical excellence is
    attained sometimes through a deliberate an act as placing a note or phrase
    on a piece of paper. They directly address the artists concerns. They are
    less open to misinterpretation, since they address things more directly.

    Platt: Finally, to suggest that Radiohead or any other rock band is
    creatively on
    a par with Beethoven or Mozart is to me ludicrous, like comparing jelly
    glasses to fine crystal stemware. Even a child can see the difference.

    -=*POOT*=- Well, as you said, it is to _you_ ludicrous. Is it like
    comparing jelly to crystal? Can you compare Beethoven with Bach or Mozart.
    To put it bluntly, "HELL NO!" They are, each in their own right, artists,
    free from subjective discrimination. ANyways, have you listened to
    Radiohead? Obviously not. Many of their songs have complex harmonies and
    rhythms, that Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart didnt even write!! Does this mean
    that they're better, of course not.

    Perhaps you may all dismiss my opinion, but _I_ have studied music for the
    greater part of my life. I have played Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Liszt,
    Schumann, Bartok, and countless others. I have experienced a connection
    with the composers not achievable simply by listening to music. When I
    played Beethovens 'Pastoral' sonata, after really learning the piece over a
    few months, the feeling of playing the music is undescribable. So, after
    saying that, I hope you value my opinion more.

    ----------- Poot

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