Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Mozart's Symphony No38

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Sun Feb 15 2004 - 15:46:16 GMT

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    > Platt,
    > You stated, "legitimate artists". Who makes that call?

    Those who are trained and knowledgeable in the arts as indicated by their
    credentials and reputation among their peers. I do not claim to be among
    them, but I'll take their judgments over those, for example, who frequent
    mosh pits.

    >I will argue for
    > days that Queensryche is more dynamic and original than any of Mozart's
    > music. Have you ever heard Stevie Vai, Stevie Ray Vaghn and/or Randy Rhodes
    > play their music? They are unbelievable...IMO.

    As I've mentioned several times before, I agree with David Hume who wrote
    a couple of hundred years ago: All sentiment is right. When it comes to
    sentiment we may not argue with the admirer.

    So, I won't argue with you. But I will observe there are hundreds if not
    thousands of "unbelievable" music players around today. Just yesterday I
    caught on TV the Diana Kroll trio playing at the Montreal Jazz Festival.
    For me, dynamic, original and "unbelievable." Or try playing Rachmaninov's
    Third Piano Concerto. It's impossible, but dozens of concert pianists do
    it without breaking a sweat. That's unbelievable, too. My point is that
    "unbelievable" is all to common among musical performers today. But
    attaining a level where DQ breaks down all static patterns--that's rare


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