Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Mozart's Symphony No38

Date: Sun Feb 15 2004 - 23:46:54 GMT

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    What I have to ask from your last post is that, when Mozart is determined
    static, but then becomes a "different kind of" static because of a meshing of
    Mozart and coherent relationships - it is STILL static. Is this a layman's way of
    looking at it or should I be seeing something else?

    Mark: Mozart is dead and that is pretty static? ;) But his work still has
    that capacity to live in new relationships: At that very moment when your
    patterns engage with those left by Mozart, DQ has the potential to create new
    coherent patterns.
    The principle of creative harmony - the Tao - Quality - SQ-SQ coherence - the
    way, is what i wish to convey to you. Actually, you seem to me to be very
    close to it - you live in your music and feel what i wish to convey to you - a
    sense of suspension; a timeless coherence which you lose when you think about it
    too much? But as it happens....

        Also, do you (or anyone) feel that there are song(s) in existence that
    will never lose their dynamic quality? For example, Led Zeppelin's "Kasmir" has
    never lost anything for me and I have listened to that song for years and know
    when I am ready to die I will still listen to that song. Again, this maybe my
    own dynamic thinking but isn't there others that feel this way? Is that

    Mark: If you hammered Kasmir in your life then maybe you could kill it stone
    dead? You raise an interesting question, but i feel the answer may be no - any
    pattern can be experienced to the point of killing the best relationship
    between your patterns and those of the music.


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