Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Mozart's Symphony No38

Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 01:56:10 GMT

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      For those that have been "under the influence" while listening to music I
    would have to say that there is an outside influence, so to speak, that
    enhances everything. As I stated before, when I work out I prefer to have some Rage
    Against the Machine music or some heavy beating type rock and roll. Then there
    are times I just like to relax to some jazz or progressive rock. Then there
    are times that, given these outside influences, any of this music can cover all
    of the adjectives.
        That being said, I'd have to answer your question with some of my own. IS
    the music actually becoming dynamic? Is the music static and the "current
    mood" dynamic? Or is reality the sole dynamic entity and all the rest are static
    patterns enhancing/effecting reality, maybe throwing a false sense of musical
    dynamicness around?
        Everyone's thoughts?


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