Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Mozart's Symphony No38

Date: Mon Feb 16 2004 - 17:37:45 GMT

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    That being said, I'd have to answer your question with some of my own. IS the
    music actually becoming dynamic? Is the music static and the "current mood"
    dynamic? Or is reality the sole dynamic entity and all the rest are static
    patterns enhancing/effecting reality, maybe throwing a false sense of musical
    dynamicness around?
        Everyone's thoughts?

    Hi Dan,
    May i just say that, 'The influence' got me seriously into Bach in the first
    place. I feel, 'The influence' helps our patterns to become more coherent in
    the moment, and leaves higher Quality patterns in its wake. I refer to music
    appreciation only - there may be other negative residues i could not recommend.
    Before my influenced experience, Bach was just gibberish to me. But after, i
    was stunned by the beauty to be found. Now i don't need any influence to help
    me, which is interesting?
    Once i was into Bach, so much Quality music flooded in it was quite an eye
    opener. I think my appreciation of modern jazz got a huge kick from it, to the
    point that Thelonious Monk was appreciated in ways i did not think possible.

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