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From: Steve Peterson (
Date: Thu Feb 19 2004 - 15:49:59 GMT

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    Hi Platt,

    > > Well, before I start, in your 'opinion' which is the best religion?? Which
    > > represents the epitomy of human civilisation>? I'm sure you know the
    > > answer....why don't you 'enlighten' us?

    > What makes you think I know which is the best religion? How would the
    > best religion be determined? What criteria would you use?

    Isn't this the sort of ranking you want to apply to music? Is there a reason
    why it would not work for religion while it does work in the cases of music,
    art, scientists, etc? How is religion different?

    > > I said : Yes. I consider peoples fanatical beliefs in the dogmatic
    > > traditions of religion, be it christianity, islam, or what not to be
    > > silly.
    > > I
    > > consider concepts such as 'creationism' to be idiotic.
    > >
    > > [Platt] said : I'm surprised that you support the narrow-minded intolerance
    > > shown by DMB
    > > towards religious beliefs.
    > > I say: Well... For one, I am not being intolerant. There is a reason I
    > > added fanatic and dogmatic to the equation. I did not say, nor insinuate
    > > that all practicing, or non-practicing christians/catholics are stupid
    > > idiots. It is important to understand that when you take religion, and add
    > > fanaticism .... it effectively becomes a farce of the original meaning. I
    > > also did not say that if you believe in a religion, I think you are a fool.
    > > Far from it.

    > But you did say that if one believes in creationism, a religious belief,
    > that he is an idiot. Hardly an expression of tolerance and inclusiveness.

    I can't tell if you're playing devil's advocate or what. Your project has
    always been to say that some things are better than others. Aren't some
    beliefs better than others?

    > > I say: Now, if you read this, with your eyes wide open, then it is easy to
    > > see that I do not reject religions for what they are, and thus , you can
    > > also assume that I do not reject the views of people who believe in
    > > religion themselves.
    > It seems you reject the religious view of creationism. In fact, you seem
    > to be dogmatic about it by calling creationism "silly" and "idiotic."
    > What's the difference between your dogmatism and fanaticism concerning
    > this aspect of religious belief and the dogmatism/fanaticism those who
    > believe?
    > To label Christians as "idiots" because they doubt the Darwin story of
    > evolution appears to me to demonize a large segment of the population. I'm
    > surprised by your insensitivity. I'm sure you wouldn't like to have your
    > concepts called "idiotic."

    Platt, do you ascribe to a particluar set of religious beliefs?

    What makes a belief "religious"?

    Do you believe in Biblical creation?


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