Re: MD SQ-SQ tension in Mozart's Symphony No38

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Fri Feb 20 2004 - 16:26:46 GMT

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    > Platt,
    > Interesting question you pose! I believe that museums should still
    > exist

    Glad to hear it.

    > BUT I think the perception everyone has of this "great" art is just that -
    > perception. Now, how would I change anything? I don' think I would change a
    > museum. But I would change the way society sees art. I would teach our
    > children that DaVinci and Michealangelo were artists. I would show them
    > their paintings and sculptures. I would tell them that they are in museums
    > for the world to see. And then leave it alone.

    Once an art work is place in a museum even a child will know there's
    something special about it . In other words, the perception of it being
    better than average will occur automatically. In fact, just putting a
    frame around an object announces "this is worth something."

    >In other words, I believe that "labeling" something instantly and
    > automatically creates a perception. A perception that molds other to think
    > in a particular way. There could be a whole world that loves a DaVinci
    > painting. when we have that we have an "agreement" not necessarily a WHOLE
    > "value" or a WHOLE "quality".
    > I am not sue if I answered your question. But, when people are thrown
    > perceptions they are led astray. Maybe that's something that can never be
    > fixed or changed. Hmmm....
    Certain ways of viewing the world (perceptions) are necessarily taught to
    children to assure their survival in the society they are born into. Some
    of those world views involve passing along the heritage of their society,
    often expressed by the art the society has produced. Certainly our Western
    heritage would be lessened by the absence of Greek vases, the statue of
    David by Michelangelo, or the cathedral at Chartres.

    So I don't agree that all perceptions "thrown" at people leads them
    astray. Would remove Shakespeare from the high school curriculum?


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