Re: MD MOQ and Islam

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Sat Feb 21 2004 - 16:34:32 GMT

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    Hi David M,

    > Hi Platt
    > Well, anything non-dualistic. Intellect usually involves
    > some binary thinking and analysis. So to value mystical
    > and non-dual experience is to value undivided Quality,

    To value one's direct experience prior to language is, I agree, a "mystic

    > feelings of Oneness, intuition, poetic moments, sudden
    > inspiration from nowhere, love, connections, empathy,
    > nothingness, musical engagement, the sweet spot,
    > non self-reflective activity of high excellence. Union, religious
    > experiences, awe, etc.
    > That sort of thing I would suggest.

    When you introduce love, connections, empathy and union you presume an
    "other" which becomes dualism. But, no matter. Feelings of "goodness,
    truth and beauty" regardless our inability to fully express them because
    of their non-dual nature, qualify I think for "mystic values."

    Thanks for an enlightening response.


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