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Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 21:14:24 GMT

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    David MOREY wrote:

    ><snip>Is a genuine experience of god really better put as an experience of
    I could agree with that, but try to explain that to a devout
    christian/muslim/jew. The problem is one of anthropomorphization I
    think. Where most of us would agree that Quality is not sentient (per
    the common understanding of the term), everyone I've ever met who had
    strong feelings of religion would insist that god IS sentient.

    >For me, the pushing of aside of SOM makes a form of sacred thinking more
    >likely and that might just stop us destroying the planet. It is only SOM
    >that leads us to secular thinking, so with MOQ is it time for some
    >thinking? Perhaps after religion and science something new emerges that
    >goes beyond both?
    If the MOQ is accurate, then it is undeniable something better will come
    along. The 'something better' will hopefully be a stronger understanding
    of DQ that has a broad appeal to non-scholars.

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