MD SQ-SQ tension/coherence of Samaritans.

Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 23:41:43 GMT

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    Dear forum,
    Exploring Social SQ-SQ tension and coherence has always been most tricky for
    me. Maybe this is because we are too involved? Too close?

    A thought came to me last night. The Samaritans.
    Would it be fair to suggest that these people do their best to paint the
    mirrors of social reflection black? By nullifying the reflecting process,
    Samaritans free those who may need help to be - without fear?

    If this process is an exceptional example of something that goes on as a
    matter of course within social SQ-SQ tension, what is happening? What is a less
    extreme example of this process?
    Do reflecting social mirrors negate compassion? Do they concentrate it?
    In the example of the Samaritans, compassion is openly visible when
    reflecting mirrors are abandoned, or nullified. In this moment, patterns are brought
    into better coherence.

    I understand Samaritans receive specialist training. But does this training
    not help eliminate social mirrors in the moment of contact? Is it not stressed
    that help is given unconditionally?
    I feel this suggests, unconditional compassion is exceptional Social SQ-SQ

    It may be argued that compassion is a Biological pattern of value? But i feel
    this to be cynical. There are many Biological patterns of value which
    engender their respective behavioural structures, but compassion is surely a social
    togetherness - a desire to help reduce the misery and fear of others? Do we see
    in the suffering a reflection of ourselves suffering?

    A desire to promote misery and fear appears however, more Biological in
    nature? Misery and fear may be promoted in order to weaken social coherence and
    bias individuality?

    Therefore, an enquiry into compassion as Social SQ-SQ tension, and an
    exploration of exceptional Social SQ-SQ coherence may be useful in helping us
    understand the social static repertoire which gives rise to these states?

    All the best,

    P.S. Have changed the topic line to reflect my intended subject. mark.

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