MD SQ-SQ tension in Michelangelo's David.

Date: Wed Feb 25 2004 - 20:29:40 GMT

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    Dear forum,
    While reading a study of Michelangelo's David i began to discern what may be
    usefully thought of as SQ-SQ tensions in the work?
    The main tension is between the left and right hand sides of the figure - the
    right side is static while the left side is Dynamic. This feature is supposed
    to be most evident in the attitude of the hands, but may be easily recognised
    when one contemplates the figures body posture. Also, the right eye of the
    figure looks straight ahead while the left eye is glancing to its left. The
    overall effect of the eye positions appears to generate a pronounced 3D space, and
    also projects a feeling of righteous indignation.

    It may be interesting to explore the link between righteousness - morally
    right or justified - and Quality.

    Anatomically, the figure has unnatural proportions of the head and hands and
    feet in order to maintain an aesthetic appeal when viewed from below, as was
    the originally intended perspective.

    Contemporary notions concerning the body recognised a static defensive aspect
    and an 'open' aspect susceptible to evil. I wonder if the static aspect here
    may be aligned with static biological, (illness, deformity, etc.) social,
    (perceived status in society, wealth, friendship, etc.) and intellectual (In this
    case conformity to the dominating religious paradigm)? patterns, while the
    open aspect may be aligned with Dynamic forces intervening to disrupt the status

    All this captured in a static sculpture, although the work embodies an
    artistic sense of Dynamic coherence in static patterns of value of the age?

    All the best,

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