Re: MD When is a metaphysics not a metaphysics?

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 09:01:30 GMT

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    Hello Matt,

    Thursday 26 Feb you said: "Two, I never said there was a problem with religion. There is only a
    problem with conversations that occur where there is minimal hope of agreement on anything of
    substance (hopes, purposes, language, etc.) which is what happens when a theist and an atheist talk
    about God. Which is why, when it happens on the Capital floor, I ask them to take it outside."

    What counts as 'minimal hope'?
    Would it make a difference if that central clause were rewritten as 'when a fascist and a liberal
    talk about race'?
    In other words, are you saying that the (minimal) boundaries of democratic discourse need to be
    defended with arms? (ie force people to 'take it outside')
    If so, you are making religious discourse illegitimate within a democracy. Which DMB would agree
    with, I think, despite his other criticisms ;-)
    I don't agree with it. I think that can be demonstrated by pointing out the internal contradictions
    that liberal discourse generates, and the necessity of an external reference or input. In MoQ terms,
    the insufficiency of any SQ system, and the necessity to remain open to DQ. In the secular language
    space what are the mechanisms by which DQ insights can be integrated? (Don't say democracy, because
    that simply brings in religion by the back door! Same for free speech.)

    I realise I'm joining in with this conversation half way through. But it's something I've been
    interested in for a while - I remember starting a thread about the church/state separation about a
    year ago...

    One other thing. It is axiomatic in Christian thought that being a Christian is not equivalent to
    'being good' - I think you're making a parallel mistake re secularism, hence my DQ point above.

    Back from a break
    PS poo doesn't taste good.

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