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    > If you substitute DQ for imagination in the below (also from Ameriks'
    > I think you will see where Hegel is coming from:
    > the "imagination must not be understood as a middle term that is shoved in
    > between an existing absolute subject and an absolute existing world, but
    > must rather be understood as that which is first and original and out of
    > which the subjective I as well as the objective world first separate
    > themselves into a necessarily bipartite appearance and product."

    Hi all,

    In my first post I made reference to William Chitticks book The Sufi Path of
    Knowledge Ibn Al Arabi's Metaphysics of Imagination. Quoting from that book
    the imagination referred to is the mundus imaginalis or imaginal world.
    "This mundus imaginalis possesses an independent ontological status and must
    be clearly differentiated from the imaginary world which is no more than our
    individual fantasies. Once we lose sight of the imaginal nature of certain
    realities, the true impact of a great body of mythic and religioius
    teachings slips from our grasp.

    All religious traditions accord a central role to imagination, though not
    necesarily by that name. The mundus imaginalis is the realm where invisible
    realites become visible and corporeal things are spiritualised. Though more
    real and "subtle" than the physical world, the World of Imagination is less
    real and "denser" than the spiritual world, which remains forever invisible
    as such."

    This is like the point David Buchanan made earlier about the Tibetan
    Buddhists travelling into the inner realms of consciousness.

    MoQ is essentially a hierarchal value system. But in any hierachal system
    how do we determine the highest point and the lowest point? At least the
    great religious and mystic traditions have determined a complete cosmology
    encompassing all the worlds and all the realms.

    Isn't this the point that Pirsig is making, that this subjective inner
    reality is every bit as real and as valid as the outer objective reality?


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