Re: MD When is a metaphysics not a metaphysics?

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Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 01:31:12 GMT

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    To All the first amendment was specifically written so people could
    criticize the goverment. It was never intended to protect a persons so
    called right to use vulgarity in public. Do You really think the quality of
    the world would be improved if everybody said whatever they felt like? Would
    You support My right to call Your Mother a &%$$#&in **%^tch? O f course
    not. Im sure the founding fathers did not specifically address this because
    they could never have imagined the country degenerating to a state where
    they would have to. It also leads to other absurdities sutch as protecting
    My right to take a dump on Your front lawn as long as I say Im just
    expressing how I feel about You. They should have fired Howard Stern His
    first day on the job. Steve

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