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Date: Sun Mar 07 2004 - 16:45:48 GMT

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    On Mar 6, 2004, at 15:09, Matthew Poot wrote:

    > I wonder why there is no civil, or governmental actions against the
    > global
    > monopolization of Microsoft? Every day, quality gets bashed by greed.
    > How
    > many can we crush into submission? How many will buy our products?
    > How
    > are we going to eliminate the competition? Who can we screw next??
    > And
    > they line up by the billions......

    There have been and still are actions against Microsoft. Remember the
    Antitrust suit? The only reason nothing was done to MS at the time was
    that the transition from Bill Clinton to Dubya brought a change of
    agenda. This agenda change made MS' transgressions seem much less
    important and the DOJ rolled over like a trained poodle.

    The only thing we can do as consumers, to teach companies like MS that
    we do not approve of their business practices, is to stop buying their
    products. Simple as that. Our refusal to pander to that sort of
    behavior is the DQ force against the static patterns that hold MS (and
    their ilk) in their current position.

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