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Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 19:56:57 GMT

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    2 times previous to this, my computer crashed, deleting the message both
    times. A s you can understand, I will get to the point quickly.

     Platt wrote:
     The motive for the dire predictions of global disaster predicted in DMB's
     reprint of a "news article" from the Observer, a left-wing English paper,
     was revealed near the end: Another case of politically-inspired junk

    I have a question for Platt: Where do you stand?

    I am not here to write supporting a 'left' or 'right' view, and find this
    duality only spreads disunity. Left , Right. Right, Wrong. Good, Evil.
    Black, White.

    I am curious as to what 'politically-inspired junk' means to you. And,
    also, what constitutes politically-inspired junk. Which politically
    inspired junk do you read? Who wrote it? Where does it come from?

    I never read this article.

    Pirsig talks: What would people think about someone who was proclaiming
    that "THE SUN IS GOING TO RISE TOMMOROW!!!!" with seeming fanaticism? We
    know the sun is going to rise tomorrow....

    The same applies for environmentalists: "POLLUTION LEVELS WILL RISE
    TOMORROW~!!!!" Yet, tomorrow, when we wake up, as sure as sugar is sweet,
    the earth will still be more polluted. It is not such an immediate danger
    that all life will be radically influenced in the period of 7 days, but
    nevertheless, it is still just as relevant. But our children will see a
    difference. Post-secular thought.

    I am sick , and tired, of people only thinking of the here and now. It has
    to stop.

    Earlier, Jon said that Soccer Moms do have Dynamic Quality. After putting a
    little thought into it, I completely disagree. I say that Soccer moms,
    serve no other purpose, than the continuation of self-stroking cycles.
    A.K.A. Static-Patterns

    There seems to be overwhelming static social patterns , which do nothing ,
    but procreate nearly identical static patterns, in a different temporal
    context. What is the difference between someone driving an SUV (when they
    dont go on rough terrain), and someone's carriage being drawn by more

    Status, Rank, Class.......All of these only promote themselves, and their
    reincarnations in different forms. The more we live in the static (past),
    than the more we are bound to keep making the same mistakes. Learn from
    our mistakes , Look back at history to learn the true ways of our errors.

    The only thing we can see while looking at the past, is the past. The more
    we look at it, the more likely we are to reincarnate the past in the
    present. The only thing you see in the past, are patterns, that look like
    they could be solutions, but are only patterns created from pre-secular

    If you can explain how soccer moms have dynamic quality, than I am more than
    ready to listen openly.

    Back to you, Platt



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