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Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 13:16:09 GMT

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    > Platt Holden wrote:
    > >Words, rules, etc. are always "post hoc" if you mean by that, "after
    > >direct experience." My use of the word 'style' wasn't meant to convey that
    > > the Quakers followed a style manual in their work but to distinguish
    > >their products from similar ones produced by others. The 'style' of a
    > >Shaker chair is unique and instantly recognizable.
    > >
    > The thing is, the Quakers didn't develop "Quaker Styling (tm)" to
    > distinguish their products from others' works. The Quaker craftsman were in
    > touch with DQ while they made the furniture, and that is why it has that
    > particular look. It's similar to the concept of a sculptor looking at a
    > block of stone. To the sculptor, when they are hammering away at the block,
    > they are not turning the block into a statue. Rather, they are freeing the
    > statue from the block. Does this make sense?

    The difference being a sculptor working on a block creates a singular, one-
    of-kind work of art while a Quaker craftsman creates many chairs, chests,
    tables, etc. of the same basic style.

    > >A word like 'God' carries a lot of baggage. Asked to define God, people
    > >will give you a lot of different answers. Not so with 'artichoke'

    > True, but it is your notions about the word that make it offensive to you.

    I don't find the word "God" offensive. If I gave that impression I

    > BTW, you shouldn't make assumptions about the baggage a word can carry. You
    > don't know what other people's experience with artichokes have been. ;^{)>
    Yes, generalizations based on assumptions are always questionable. In
    fact, IMO, philosophy is the search for underlying assumptions that are
    most explanatory of the data of our senses. It's always fun to take
    someone's post and identify the assumptions that support the writer's


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