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Date: Wed Mar 17 2004 - 21:13:21 GMT

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    Hi Platt,
    This is very embarrassing. Please believe me? I do not understand why this
    should be the case, but i did not receive your post. I am only aware that you
    responded because Matt responded and included your post within it. Very
    disturbing; how many posts have i missed due to this circumstance?
    Anyway, i have reconstructed your post from Matt's response here below:

    >Hi Mark,
    >Pardon my stupidity but I don't understand your post. Could you clarify
    >for me what you mean by the following:
    >Ongoing geophysical fluctuations
    >Radioactive patterns in the food chain
    >Planetary biological diversity
    >A coherent relationship to DQ
    >Coherent state of the static repertoire
    >Geophysical catastrophe
    >Thanks for your help,

    Dear Platt, i do not regard your desire for clarification to be an indication
    of stupidity. I am happy to try and explain my position, and thank you for
    allowing me the opportunity to do so. Perhaps along the way i also have the
    opportunity to think more carefully about the central ideas involved?

    Taking each point at a time:
    1. Ongoing geophysical fluctuations.
    Research into the history of our Planet indicates that Global variations in
    temperature have been occurring in cyclical fashion for millennia. Evidence for
    this is found in the rate of vegetation growth, the laying down of dead
    organic Ocean sediments, etc. This being the case, how may we differentiate the
    current Global increase in temperature, which has been attributed to Human
    activity, and natural increases?

    2. Radioactive patterns in the food chain.
    Unlike the current debate over Global temperature, Radioactivity can be
    easily distinguished from that generated by Human activity and that generated by
    Geophysical processes. While it may be argued that Radioactivity is of minimal
    concern, (those experiencing raised exposure would no doubt disagree with this,
    as may be the case with people living on the coast of the Irish sea for
    example)? Ozone depletion may be far more serious?

    The context within which these examples were introduced was that of
    Environmental impact due to prolonged Human activity, and the danger such activities
    may pose for future generations of Humans.

    3. Planetary biological diversity. (PBD)
    Prolonged Human activity has had a significant impact upon PBD. This is
    beyond question.
    What is PBD?
    PBD is the extent to which DNA has evolved life forms - Organic patterns of
    Human activity is reducing PBD by illuminating them at an increasing rate.

    The context within which this example was introduced was that of
    Environmental impact due to prolonged Human activity. But is this a problem for future
    generations of Humans?
    I feel this is an exceptionally interesting question when examined in MoQ
    terms, and leads directly on to the following considerations:

    4 and 5. A coherent relationship to DQ. Coherent state of the static
    a. A coherent relationship with DQ is a description of an aesthetic sense of
    beauty, in which static patterns of Quality maintain or reach a high Quality
    relationship with Dynamic Quality.
    b. The static repertoire is simply the sum total of all static patterns of
    Quality. In the case of Organic patterns, this is the biosphere.
    So, Coherent state of the static repertoire is, in the case of Organic
    patterns, a description of the beauty of the biosphere.

    Before Humans evolved to the stage when they could manipulate their
    environment, the Earths' biosphere - the repertoire of static Organic patterns of
    Quality evolving in the event stream - had reached a beautiful or coherent state.
    I feel we may fully describe life in this way because the evolution of life
    is moral process according to the MoQ.
    I would argue that the beauty of the static repertoire, (and this goes for
    all levels) is in its diversity, because diversity resonates more vigorously
    with DQ than does a limited repertoire. One may wish to consider a limited gene
    pool as an example? The more diverse the gene pool of any species, the more
    able it is to respond to change?

    7. Geophysical catastrophe.
    An Earthquake, Volcanic activity, Super Volcanic activity, Ice age, Meteor

    The context within which these examples were introduced was that of
    Environmental impact due to natural processes. If prolonged Human activity has the
    potential to disrupt the biosphere to a similar extent to that of natural
    processes, then the matter must be examined carefully.
    Science cannot defend PBD on aesthetic grounds. The MoQ can, and does i would

    Hope this clarifies my approach?
    All the best,

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