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From: Platt Holden (
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 16:38:00 GMT

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    From time to time it bears reminding everybody that this site functions
    thanks to the largely unsung labors of a gentleman in Great Britain who
    goes by the name of Horse. ( Whether it's spot
    checking our posts for decency or fighting off computer viruses or keeping
    the archives up to date, it is Horse doing the work and spending the money
    to ensure this site maintains its high quality. For this he only asks for
    our cooperation in following the rules (which I've violated with this post
    by sending more than four in one day).

    By rights Horse should ask for monetary donations just as other
    webmeisters do. But he has not. So we owe him a deep debt of gratitude for
    all that he does free of charge, although I'm sure there are many of us
    who would contribute if asked to do so.

    In any case, thanks again Horse for your constant background presence. We
    couldn't have the fun provided by this site's intellectual stimulation
    without you.

    Long live the King of!



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