Re: MD SQ-SQ coherence and the Biosphere.

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 15:42:13 GMT

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    Hi Poot,

    > Platt: I'm still waiting evidence from you or anyone that the particles,
    > atoms
    > and forces that make up the inorganic level are evolving into new
    > particles, atoms or forces, or creating new molecules such as DNA.
    > Poot: Well, there are new atoms that have been 'created' (Einsteinium,
    > and
    > quite a few others).....

    The Einsteinum atom wasn't 'created' recently. A Google search reveals
    it's a radioactive earth metal that's been around for eons but only
    recently 'discovered' by Ghiorso in 1952 and has been added to the
    periodic table of elements. Discovery doesn't mean Dynamic Quality. When
    an astronomer discovers a 'new' galaxy, it doesn't mean the galaxy was
    just 'created.'
    > Viruses are inorganic, yet they are evolving .

    Viruses are life forms. They contain DNA.
    > In terms of preference, on the atomic level, there are many examples!!!
    > (not that you debate this)

    'Preferences' at the inorganic occur within well-established static
    patterns. 'Choices' at this level are predictable, if not directly by
    using probability mathematics. Even at the biological level, choices are
    pretty much proscribed by static patterns of instinctual behavior.
    > The complex relationship between different atoms and molecules (chemistry),
    > is proof of this. It is not only the preference of iron fillings
    > preferring the company of magnets, but much more diverse, and complex. (I
    > don't know how well you know the subject of chemistry Platt?) Things like
    > the various reactions that atoms/molecules/particles have with other ones,
    > sometimes exhibit different preference when variables change , and
    > possiblye producing an unpredictable outcome.
    Examples please. So far as I know, complex chemical reactions follow known
    laws of cause and effect which are static patterns.

    > It also can be shown that the inorganic evolve, via their interaction with
    > organic substance. This is found in every living being on earth, and
    > Human beings are no exception. Examples of this can be found on the
    > cellular level, in our bodies, many of which scientists still struggle to
    > solve.

    Again, examples please. What cells are currently evolving as a result of
    interaction with the inorganic, or vice versa? The DNA molecule was
    created by DQ long ago. Been there, done that.

    Example: The Krebs cycle?

    From what I can glean from Google, the Krebs cycle is a static pattern if
    I ever saw one. Changes, yes, but like a merry-go-round changes. Nothing
    evolutionary going on that I can see.

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