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Date: Sun Mar 28 2004 - 14:16:59 BST

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    > Totally agree with "labels" being a saving grace. I guess what I was
    > pointing to is more of a "labeling" of people's minds or directions.
    > Labeling an automobile as a car I would call more of a...."naming". I was
    > talking about the words atheists, liberals, catholics, etc...
    > As I know they break things down but I believe that labels wind up
    > being
    > very hypocritical and leading. For example, the "Catholics" follow the
    > bible (or are supposed to) yet every single one of them sins. Therefore,
    > their "label" as Catholics tend to lead an outside source into thinking
    > differently of them (maybe more wholesome?).
    > I, for one, consider myself in the political world a "conservative
    > liberal". Now we have 2 seperate "labels" that don't really coincide.
    > Likewise, as I don't believe in a holy god I still do not consider myself
    > an atheist...more of a "humanist"!
    > What's your take(s)?

    Labelling people I agree can lead to all sorts of wrong conclusions, but
    by and large a necessary evil in order to get on with life and living. If
    we stop to ponder every nuance of our words, the cooking and cleaning
    would never get done.

    I label myself a conservative bordering on libertarian, but am appalled by
    a so-called conservative congress and conservative president spending
    taxpayer's money like there's no tomorrow. So that leaves me in a
    conservative no man's land, a man like you without a handy label. My guess
    is that outside of a few rabid ideologues on both the left and right we're
    all essentially label-less human beings.

    So while I accept your point, to get on with life requires a certain
    amount of short-hand thinking. Perhaps not always right, but inevitable.

    Finally, as a "humanist" I wonder if you agree with the section of the
    'Humanist Manifesto' I quoted in other posts?


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