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Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 19:39:20 BST

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    Hi Matt

    Good points here, you are right about Marx's views
    on capitalism. By the way did nice Dewey
    essay in Philosophy Now this month about his love letters
    and their relationship to his philosophy. Also an essay
    about virtue, morality and self help books. Subjects discussed:
    self-knowledge, love, self-love, adventurousness, selfishness, rationality,
    self-interest, friendliness, openness, responsibility, discipline, courage,
    wisdom, imagination, reverence, self-acceptance, devotion, intensity,
    emotional expression, depth, forcefulness, wonder, flexibility,
    honesty, sense of humour, freedom, spontaneity, ...apparently different
    self-help books esteem all these different qualities, a sort of soulfulness
    soul-science, something we are otherwise missing/seeking I guess.
    Any thoughts on self-help books folks?

    I wonder how we look at these values from MOQ perspective.

    David M
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    > What I think about us being in danger of losing our souls is that one of
    the dangers of the good of industrial-capitalism (its ability to allow more
    people than ever before comfort and free time) is catching "affluenza," the
    sickness of being materially acquisitive and money-orientated. What I think
    some people forget is that even Marx had praise for capitalism. What he
    wanted to say, though, is that it was one stage in an historical dialectic
    that was going to move further. So, Marx did think that capitalism was a
    good move for medieval societies, it did do some good, it did cure some
    ills. But like whenever we wipe out old diseases, new ones pop up. Unlike
    Marx, I think dealing with "affluenza" has very little to do with a radical
    change in our economic system. The world's experimented with centralized
    planning, it was a grand failure. We should all learn something important.
    > Matt P said:
    > Do you think that capitalism supports anything other than centralization?
    Currently, what state would you say the welfare system is in?

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