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    On 22 March 2004 2:22 PM Wim and joe writes:

    > Wim:
    > If you choose to present Catholicism, please present Catholic practice,
    > theory. Cf. 'Idols', which is a competition between singers and their
    > performances, not between songs.
    > Hi Wim and all:
    > joe: yes, I have theories. My interest in 'quality religion' is an
    > in 'mysticism.' My experience as a Catholic has lead to a couple of
    > attitudes which might apply to mysticism. The first is a tradition, an
    > environment, so to speak of mysticism in Catholicism. The second is an
    > experience of a 'mystical' body. The third is the place of the Blessed
    > Virgin Mary in Catholicism.
    > IMO the story of Adam and Eve is misleading in its presupposition of a
    > hierarchical distinction between man and woman.

    Hi Wim and all,

    A continuation:
    joe: IMO the Catholic experience of faith rests on the mystical experience
    of the social order. I accept that immorality is a part of life experience.
    I accept that certain actions are immoral. MOQ accepts morality within four
    levels. By faith I accept more levels. For me the experience of faith is
    necessary. The unquestioning acceptance of SOM is one indication of this
    necessity. Thomas Aquinas followed the thinking of Aristotle. At the end
    of his life he wrote that what he had written previously was as straw. God
    is not dynamic quality. A mystical sense of God is not a mystical sense of
    myself. God is a different level.

    The social order has evolved. IMO for a mystical discipline to evolve a
    community is necessary. The analogy that socially we are all connected as a
    mystical body is a pointing finger to mystical purpose and gravity from
    which the social order has evolved.

    I read the bible as an important story. The bible was not written in
    English. A Native Amercan story teller I was listening to in an small
    audience asked: "Why didn't the missionaries believe our stories? Are only
    the bible stories true?" When west met east, many stories became more

    I accept that tradition is equally important. Most of what I believe about
    Mary's place in the scheme of things comes from tradition. I loved the
    Latin chants! I thought what a shame the service is now done in English.
    Then in Arizona in the 1970's Jesuits wrote new music. GLORY AND PRAISE,
    was written from a new look at tradition. Now I sing new songs. The
    melodies carry me to never-never-land. They are not as disciplined as the
    Latin chants. A different Beauty is still Beauty. Gregorian chant was once
    a new music.

    Virginity, chastity, child molestation, masturbation, bestiality, sodomy!
    Men from Mars, women from Venus! Is there a difference in levels between
    men and women, Adam and Eve? Is Mary, the Mother of God, less than a man?
    For me that question has an answer! Brutality is not allowed. Same sex
    marriage? Today myhstical visions of Mary in Medjugorje, Bosnia.

    I was drafted into the army and told to shoot a stranger in Korea. The man
    in Palestine blows himself up to destroy his enemy. Is there a difference
    in a bomber from 5' or 30,000'? Asia and Europe have different ways of
    looking at things, a different mystical tradition. Ghandi was Asian.

    Now I, a Catholic, experience the mystical values of MOQ. I have been
    prepared by my faith to accept that mystical experience is necessary in
    specific ways.

    I hope this explanation of my Catholic practices grabs your attention.


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