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Date: Sat Apr 03 2004 - 22:26:08 BST

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    Dear Platt,

    You wrote 3 Apr 2004 11:43:07 -0500:
    'My ego, large as it is, will not permit me to believe I'm really capable of
    creating any new philosophies or philosophical ideas. Nor do I think many

    Isn't every human being capable of perceiving or adjusting to Dynamic
    Quality? (According to Pirsig in chapter 13 of 'Lila' every living being
    can.) If someone is capable of understanding and expressing philosophies,
    doesn't perceiving and adjusting to DQ (let alone pursuing DQ...) imply
    adding new ideas to these philosophies?

    I asked you
    'What new ideas can you share with me to convince me of your opinions that
    war is a fitting metaphor for the relation between the social and
    intellectual levels and that the tension between "liberals" and
    "conservatives" in American politics expresses these levels if Pirsig's
    ideas weren't enough to do so?'

    You replied:
    'First, if it wasn't for Pirsig's ideas we wouldn't be discussing "levels".
    So his ideas are necessary to even have this conversation.'

    I agree.

    You continued:
    'As for examples of 'war' as a fitting metaphor, in America there's
    acknowledgment and much debate about "Culture Wars". For example, the
    intellectual level, represented in some cases by "liberals" and burdened
    by the defect of having "no provision for morals", supports rap culture
    which glorifies profanity, pornography and bestiality. The recent half-time
    show at our football Super Bowl represented this culture. The social
    level, represented in some cases by "conservatives" and generally supportive
    of Christian social morality, supports so-called "family values" which
    glorifies patriotism, honesty and decency (not to mention sexual abstinence
    before marriage). The vast numbers of Americans attending Sunday school and
    church services each week represent this culture.'

    O yes, 'war' is definitely a fitting metaphor for the political polarization
    in the USA. That doesn't convince me that it is also a fitting metaphor for
    the tension between the intellectual and social levels. Especially since you
    now apparently agree with me that 'liberals' and 'conservatives' don't
    consistently represent these levels.
    I fully agree when you write:
    'So let us not be too hasty in assigning "conservative" to the social level
    and "liberal" to the intellectual level.'

    With friendly greetings,


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