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Date: Mon Apr 12 2004 - 18:48:15 BST

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    Hi Mark,

    > Mark 11-4-04: Hello Sam, you suggest your variant MoQ makes minor changes
    > the standard MoQ. However, it would appear your changes allow for the
    > following:
    > 1. Heaven.
    > 2. Resurrection to immortal life in Heaven.
    > 3. Virgin birth.
    > 4. Miracles.
    > I do not find these changes minor.

    I don't believe I have ever argued that those elements are necessary parts of
    the MoQ - have I?

    Mark 12-4-04: You avoid these elements like the plague. This is quite typical
    of Christian hypocrisy, for it must be the case that the MoQ not exclude
    these elements in order to avoid blasphemy.
    I contend this is the driving motivation behind your wish to vary the MoQ: To
    avoid blasphemy. You can argue for your variant whole heatedly, but not the
    MoQ, because the MoQ does not support God or self theorists.

    Mark 11-4-04: The best religion is the one best practised i should have
    thought? The best practised
    religions are those which practice Universal Love. You would not be able to
    distinguish one who
    practices Universal Love and does not hold a theistic perspective, and one
    who does.

    I agree with that.

    Mark 11-4-04: Then you agree we do not need theistic world views. Good.

    I think to go into the rest of your comments would count as 'going round the
    mulberry bush' again.
    For where I place 'good' though, see the MD Intellectual Art (Dynamic
    Morality) thread from March
    2003, especially my post of March 31.

    Mark 11-4-04: This is exceptionally poor going Sam. You have avoided
    answering my points.

    I haven't read 'The Edge of Chaos' - is that an essay by you?


    Mark 11-4-04: Yes. I received a great deal of help from expert MoQ academics.
    I note with interest you avoid answering my points, and i must say, i did not
    expect anything more from yet another embarrassed Christian.


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