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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 14:17:48 BST

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    On Apr 14, 2004, at 16:48, Wim Nusselder wrote:

    > The outcome is the same as for American Indians (as Pirsig describes in
    > chapter 9 of 'Lila'). What Quakers call 'living in the Light' is the
    > same as
    > what Pirsig described with:
    > 'American Indians are exceptionally skilled at holding to the
    > ever-changing
    > center of things. That is the real reason they speak and act without
    > ornamentation. It violates their mystic unity. This moving and acting
    > and
    > talking in accord with the Great Spirit and almost nothing else has
    > been the
    > ancient center of their lives.'
    > Substitute 'Great Spirit' with 'Divine Guidance' or any other favourite
    > metaphor of a Quaker and you get a perfect summary of 'Quaker faith and
    > practice'.

    By the same token, you could substitute 'Great Spirit' or 'Divine
    Guidance' with 'True Nature' or 'Tao'. All religions say roughly the
    same thing. This is why I don't adhere to any one religion. However, I
    understand the attraction to adherence to one religion or another. The
    fellowship is nice, and it sometimes makes it easier if there is a
    pre-existing framework on which to build your personal philosophy.


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