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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 21:52:49 BST

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    Hi Mark

    Sorry for any confusion, just wanted to clarify things particularly
    for those who have not yet read your MOQ site fronting essay.
    But also wanting to open debate and see how other people take
    my particular version of things below. I do see you as playing an
    important role in supporting the process theory nature of the MOQ.

    Mark 15-4-04: Hi David M, Thank you. I like the way you put that, 'process
    theory.' That nicely sums up the fluid nature of our experience? There are many
    very persistent and static patterns in our experience, but even these are

    As I see it this site is all about exploring Pirsig's ideas, relating
    to other people's ideas and helping people explore the extent and depth
    of these ideas. I was reading Philosophy Now today, and some of
    the stuff in that is just such confused SOM stuff, now that is sad.

    Mark 15-4-04: I know! It's been a long time since i read a copy of PN, but it
    can be quite tough going can't it?

    Glad to see apology to Sam, I think we all do well to lay off the abuse
    We really all have a lot more in common that with either the man in the
    or the student in the average university. Most people in an SOM
    confusion have
    long since given up any thought whatsoever.

    David M

    Mark 15-4-04: I agree. It can be a sobering experience to see first hand what
    goes on in University these days? The things they think are precious? I can't

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