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    Mark 17-4-04: The Metaphysics of Quality is an Intellectual pattern of Value.
    Christianity is not an intellectual pattern of value - Christianity is a combination of Social and Intellectual patterns. In so far as Christianity is, in part, composed of Intellectual patterns, the MoQ is superior.
    Aristotelian Metaphysics is an intellectual pattern of Values. The Integration of Intellectual patterns into a religion such as Christianity and Islam is that way in which Christianity and Islam evolve; they must evolve by accommodating new Intellectual patterns or die.
    But it is the Intellectual patterns which are leading this evolutionary process.
    Your attempt to Integrate the MoQ is the latest in a long line of religious attempts to stay alive; to stay alive by evolving into something new.
    It seems to me that you are failing - slowly, and by degrees, religions are changing to the point where they become so different from what they were as to become irrelevant, atrophied and static.

    DM: Well, this response to Sam's Christianity is a matter of opinion. Theoretically it is surely possible, although practically difficult, to change & evolve Christianity in the light of Pirsig, it has always responded to whatever large movements it
    has to exist alongside such as the Renaissance, the Reformation, & science. Sometimes positively, sometimes in conflict,
    in a more complex way than most non-historians would realise. It is perfectly possible for Christianity to survive in a much more
    radical and intellectual construction than it does now, & has done so more in the past, once about a time everything intellectual was within the Church. I am not entirely convinced that we have turned secular forever. But, personally, if there is a way forward
    for religion I think it involves a conception of god that probably goes beyond what Christianity can assimilate. But the heretics may yet well begin within the Church. Your last sentence is pretty odd, it only says that change may result in something losing its previous known word of definition, sure, but whether it becomes static or new and frsh is a matter of what you call coherence.
    I think this is what you would have to accept if you withdraw from assuming you can predict the course of history.


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