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Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 22:25:23 BST

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    Hi Dan Glover,

    Platt (previously)
    >I see no contradictions in renaming the Intellectual Level the
    >Individual Level. It's simply a proposal for a change for the better in
    >the MOQ, something Pirsig encouraged.

    > In his Lila's Child annotations Robert Pirsig writes: "The word 'I' like
    > the word 'self' is one of the trickiest words in any metaphysics. Sometimes
    > it is an object, a human body; sometimes it is a subject, a human mind. I
    > believe there are a number of philosophic systems, notably Ayn Rand's
    > 'Objectivism,' that call the 'I' or 'individual' the central reality.
    > Buddhists say it is an illusion. So do scientists. The MOQ says it is a
    > collection of static patterns cabable of apprehending Dynamic Quality. I
    > think that if you identify the 'I' with the intellect and nothing else you
    > are taking an uinusual position that may need some defending." (#130)

    First, in suggesting the intellectual level be more accurately referred to
    as the individual level I do not identify the 'I' solely with the
    intellect and nothing else. The 'I' is a collection of static patterns
    from all levels. What I see is the levels being named according to the
    dominance of the value patterns therein. All levels contain some of the
    values of the lower levels. Otherwise, they wouldn't be dependent on the
    continued existence of the lower levels. What dominates at the
    intellectual level are thoughts and responses to DQ emanating from you,
    me, and the man behind the tree--unique individuals, all with different
    life histories.

    Pirsig doesn't rule out changes in the MOQ, but does caution that any new
    position requires defending, a most reasonable demand. Mark, Sam, I and
    perhaps others are happy to oblige.

    Finally, all posters to this side, past and present, continue to owe you a
    debt of gratitude for compiling and publishing "Lila's Child." We often
    refer to Pirsig's notes in that book which we wouldn't have if it wasn't
    for your dedication and hard work. I for one stand in awe of your

    Warm regards,

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