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Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 17:48:11 BST

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    Hi Platt, all

    >From: "Platt Holden" <>
    >Subject: Re: Re: MD The Individual Level
    >Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 17:25:23 -0400
    >Hi Dan Glover,
    >First, in suggesting the intellectual level be more accurately referred to
    >as the individual level I do not identify the 'I' solely with the
    >intellect and nothing else. The 'I' is a collection of static patterns
    >from all levels. What I see is the levels being named according to the
    >dominance of the value patterns therein. All levels contain some of the
    >values of the lower levels. Otherwise, they wouldn't be dependent on the
    >continued existence of the lower levels. What dominates at the
    >intellectual level are thoughts and responses to DQ emanating from you,
    >me, and the man behind the tree--unique individuals, all with different
    >life histories.

    If you name the fourth level the Individual level then it is associated with
    the individual, which according to the MOQ is a collection of static
    patterns of value. Are you saying the fourth level is better seen as an
    amalgamation of all levels?

    >Pirsig doesn't rule out changes in the MOQ, but does caution that any new
    >position requires defending, a most reasonable demand. Mark, Sam, I and
    >perhaps others are happy to oblige.

    I think he also says if someone changes the MOQ that it should be named
    something else to prevent confusion.

    >Finally, all posters to this side, past and present, continue to owe you a
    >debt of gratitude for compiling and publishing "Lila's Child." We often
    >refer to Pirsig's notes in that book which we wouldn't have if it wasn't
    >for your dedication and hard work. I for one stand in awe of your

    Thank you for saying so. I have been fortunate indeed to be involved in the
    Lila's Child project. It has been a labor of love.


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