Re: MD DQ & SQ patterns, is everything dynamically active conscious?

From: David Morey (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 18:52:20 BST

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    Hi Mark & Joe

    Have moved off Individual thread because I think
    you have changed subject a bit. I would like to talk
    about the same things with an example/description.
    I liked what was being said. I wonder how does consciousness
    relate to DQ? Here is my example/description:

    A game of football/soccer is taking place. It is a corner kick. I am a
    forward trying to score. The corner kick is taken. The ball flies throught
    the air
    and will reach about head height a few metres away from me. I see the ball
    towards the goal. I am conscious of all these patterns that I can observe.
    The type
    of kick of the ball from the corner of the pitch, the shape of the curve the
    ball is
    taking, I can anticipate its flight because of my knowledge of these
    other players are moving towards the ball, I can anticipate the patterns of
    their movements
    from my experience, the defenders want to head the ball away from goal,
    their project and values are
    different from mine, therefore we are in conflict, the situation is dynamic,
    no one can calculate
    exactly what is going to happen, the crowd roar as I approach the ball, they
    might distract me
    or they might distract the defenders, who is more experienced in these
    patterns, me or the
    defenders? who will anticipate better? Will the referee spot the offside? I
    stay aware of all the patterns around me, I can jump now and I might just
    get to the ball before the defender but I am not 100% sure, I can see
    forward just behind me, I realise he is unmarked by a defender, if I jump
    now I will not head
    the ball but I will stop the defender getting a good jump towards it. What
    do I do? Jump now
    and block the defender giving the other striker an unmarked chance to header
    for goal or
    jump a bit later and try to score myself? This is a dynamic situation, I can
    choose either way,
    the outcome of the complex of patterns is open because of this choice and
    additional contingent
    rather than this specific purposeful factor -i.e. my choice. I decide to
    jump early, block the defender and my team mate
    scores. Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! Such is a sweetly chosen spot from
    the open possibilities
    that lie in a complex of patterns. What does this say about human
    consciousness? The purpose of human
    consciousness, the reason it exists, is to respond to DQ, to recognise
    openness and chose which outcome
    is most highly valued. Sometimes chosing well, sometimes badly: hence the
    good and evil of this world.
    Hense the glory of the human eye struture and the problems of cancer I would
    say, because as Mark suggests
    the reality of DQ operating in this open cosmos is to explain how the
    achievement of this cosmos is possible.
    If there is DQ operating in other open/dynamic contexts the possibility that
    they are in some sense conscious
    is well worth considering.

    Any thoughts/responses?

    David M
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