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Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 21:55:53 BST

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    Dear Sam,

    It's not fair! I propose a competion and rules. You say you're game. I
    present my nominee, you present yours. And then you unsubscribe because
    someone doesn't play by the rules before I even have had enough time to

    You present your nominee as inhabiting the 3rd level and being best in
    founding the 4th.
    You mix that up with arguments that Christianity can be integrated with your
    (adapted) version of the MoQ and that the 3rd level as defined by you is
    really needed as foundation for the 4th level as defined by you.
    These arguments are not what what this thread was meant for (by me) and it
    doesn't surprise me that they invited the kind of debate your feared. You
    more or less asked for it and Mark didn't play by my rules (and didn't
    propose different rules either) by answering you in the way he did.

    My main question to you is: how does it show in (religious) practice that
    your nominee is best in founding the 4th level, in allowing people to hear
    the music (i.e. have mystical experience) themselves?
    You 'THINK Christianity works, most especially when it is grounded in the
    life, death and resurrection of Christ' (i.e. for content-related reasons),
    but how do you EXPERIENCE it? Do Christians hear more 'music' than
    non-Christians? What brand of Christianity is best in founding the 4th level
    according to you?

    With friendly greetings,


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