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Date: Sun Apr 25 2004 - 03:45:44 BST

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    Its not purely theoretical, if that's what you mean.

    Mark: I see, cheers. That aspect of transpersonal psychology/spiritual domain
    which is theoretical is provided by developmental psychologists and
    respectable sources.
    That aspect of transpersonal psychology/spiritual domain which is not
    theoretical is empirical - open to direct experience.

    His brand of empiricism resembles Pirsig's in that sensory experience is not
    the only kind of valid empirical experience.

    Mark: Pirsig's empiricism begins with Quality. I think i have got that about
    right? What does Wilbur's empiricism begin with? Consciousness?

    The levels of consciousness described by Wilbur is certainly based on data,
    even if it is not seen with the eye of flesh.

    Mark: Wilbur has synthesised his description based on reports and his own
    experience? This is exciting, because i should be able to experience and verify
    the same thing for myself?
    Unless it takes special preparation to explore the spiritual domains? I'm
    lazy in that regard!

    Its based on the reports of countless spiritual explorers, the findings of
    dozens of developmental psychologists, and other sources a reasonable person can
    There are many theories about it, but they are based on actual experience.
    Wilbur tries to bring all the various theories together and essentially uses
    that to paint an evolutionary metaphysics very like the MOQ, except with a lot
    more detail. (20 books instead of 2)

    Mark: You've partly answered my question regarding metaphysics. Wilbur's
    metaphysics is evolutionary, but what is evolving? I imagine it is consciousness
    that is evolving?
    Consciousness is the stuff of reality? I expect Wilbur comes in for the same
    criticism of his metaphysics as Pirsig does, the old metaphysics deals with
    definitions chestnut?

    I know i've carped on with the questions, but my knowledge of Wilbur's
    metaphysics is poor.

    All the best,

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