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Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 20:23:05 GMT

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    DMB said:
    I mean, I like to think of things like strings, quarks, neutrons, atoms and
    molecules as little manifestations of consciousness. Its not the kind of
    consciousness we humans can easily relate to, but if preferences are
    expressed at the inorganic level, then a sense of value goes all the way

    DM: Me too. All the way down. The thing I find disappointing about
    Pirsig's ideas on value is that I think that it could have been more
    linked to a shift from the view of a mechanistic cosmos to one of
    a process/active cosmos. If activity and event is the heart os cosmic
    then the question has to arise of how activity opperates, why things go one
    way rather than another, how the enourmous range of possibility is reduced
    to this
    finite world (think of your own life and all the things you could have done
    but reduced
    to what you actually do/did with your life).Value is linked to this
    activity. Why this life
    rather than that, why this cosmos, this particular history? Value is the
    moving towards
    one possibility (or bowl of food) rather than another, each decision takes
    the cosmos one
    particular way, abandoning many other possible worlds, this has to link
    closely with
    all things Eros. Eros brings together what has been split apart, holding out
    the prospect
    of jumping across the SO divide, the theme of Wagner's Tristan and
    Isolde -something of
    very high Quality indeed.

    David M

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