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Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 16:34:49 BST

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    Topic 1.
    "Could a film about ZMM and Pirsig centred on his electro-shock therapy
    flashback and flashforward techniques to depict moments of enlightenment
    and re-
    discovery aid in bringing about an MOQ worldview as Pirsig envisions it."

    It can be argued that the physical torture that Jesus
    endured at the hands of the Jews and Romans had a
    catalyzing effect on the early supporters of
    Christianity, fueling a fervency that helped catapult
    Christianity from its then small cult status to the
    dominant religion it is today. The powerful experience of seeing this
    brutality is now explicitly
    recreated in Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the
    Christ, and could have similar effects on modern

    Topic 2.
    In understanding the metaphysics of Quality, there seem to be two
    competing conceptions of the
    relative place of dynamic and static quality.
    Conception 1: that Quality is the source, from which dynamic Quality and
    static Quality are both
    derivative aspects, of equal Quality, albeit that one is a temporal
    product of the other; and
    Conception 2: that Dynamic Quality is the source, and Static Quality is
    the derivative aspect, so
    Dynamic Quality is Qualitatively superior to Static Quality.

    I think Conception 1 is correct, whereas DMB thinks Conception 2 is
    correct, and that difference, I believe, underlies much of our
    disagreement re religion and mysticism. I think that this would
    benefit from further analysis.

    A) do the Dynamic and Static aspects have equal claim to the ascription
    Quality, or does the Dynamic
    possess more Quality than the Static?
    B) is it possible to discern which of these Robert Pirsig advocates?
    C) if it should be that Conception 2 is what he advocates, is it
    coherent and consistent with the
    presentation of Quality in ZMM and elsewhere?

    Topic 3.
    Continue March 2K4 topic for another Month.

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