Re: MF April 2004 - Metaphysics and the mystical reality.

Date: Thu Apr 08 2004 - 01:59:04 BST

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    In case it helps this is how I think about the relationship
    between quality and conceptual thought/metaphysics.

    Mark 8-4-04: Hello David M,
    dmb asks: "Does Pirsig's work help us sort out the distinctions between
    metaphysics and the mystical reality?"
    From your response, is it appropriate to interpret what you are saying as
    Quality is mystical reality.
    Experience is of Quality, that is mystical reality.
    Quality or mystical reality is experienced as DQ/SQ - a process of being and
    If we replace 'being and becoming' with 'Evolution,' then:
    Quality or mystical reality is experienced in Static patterns of conceptual
    thought as an evolutionary relationship with DQ.
    The only move left to make is to introduce 'coherence' from The edge of Chaos
    and you've come close to repeating what is said in that essay.

    David M,
    This is the totality/undivided. There is something irreducibly
    mystical/unlimited/transcendent/open about experience.
    It pours through us, is is ungraspable as a whole as Wittgenstein
    says. However, the SQ, the patterns are graspable to sound extent,
    we can use concepts to grasp more and more of it,

    Mark 8-4-04: Or coherence is evolving?

    although fallibly, although never finally and totally because it always
    remains to
    some degree, or in part, transcendent.

    Mark 8-4-04: But ever more coherent?

    Like yin and yang, you can move towards yin but never completely eliminate

    Mark 8-4-04: 'Move towards' means evolve? If so, then yin and yang share an
    evolving relationship? What is it about this relationship that is evolving?
    Coherence i wonder?

    any use....
    David M

    Mark 8-4-04: Hope i have been.
    All the best,

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